Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thank you Julia

So listen, today, I could not find my digital camera. I looked in so many places, in many rooms, I thought I knew where I put it last, but no, not there. I thought I knew where I put it 2nd last, but no, not there. So then, I just checked everywhere that made sense, and few not so much in the making sense category.

I even called SSon on his cell during his lunch break, nope. (But, he of course thought I was calling him to ask why he did not take his lunch that I packed for him, but I did not mention it. Here's the story on that: SS is very rigid, all black or all white, no changes can be adapted-to by him usually, this is part of his disability, it is what it is. This is his last day to work this week-going on a nice swimming overnight with SDaughter and her family tomorrow, and then we are taking him for a long weekend to a local hotel for more swimming-it is close to home, but just a little R&R that SHusband and SI need. So usually on his last day of work in the week, he buys his lunch at a local fast food place, brings it back to the workshop cafeteria. Sometimes, I ask him not to do this when he has had a lot of parties or eating out time, not because I am mean, but because he has a few health concerns that need to limit unhealthy food choices-fat, sugar, you know, all the good stuff. He has a hard time putting limits on these choices, as do we all, but you know if you can spare your kid from health issues getting worse, you try. So anyway, sometimes he plays this "I forgot" game, thinking that we will buy it, but we know that he has the memory capacity of Wikipedia, he forgets nothing. He opened the fridge a zillion times before work this morning, including to grab his water bottle on the same shelf as the lunch bag, so don't try to convince me that he forgot it, I learned his ways over these past 39 years.
So he has had a few parties lately, and will be eating out for the next 4 days, should not eat lunch out today. See where I am going-he was pulling a fast one. We will discuss it when he comes home, this lunch will be lunch tomorrow before he leaves, and he will need to forego eating out next week at work-again, not to be mean, but to help him "Remember", if you get my drift.)

So anyway, he did not have the camera which I thought he may have packed for the upcoming trips.

So I decided to "Look at things from both sides now" (remember that song?), and get down on floor and look under things, and stand as tall as possible-OK, not so tall, but I am real good at streeeeeetching my neck to look over and down.

And guess what-it payed off, I found my camera!!! Bells and whistles, fireworks, good time was had by all. I need to share where it was with you.

First, it was in this corner where my computer area is-see my SGrandma Julia Viviani's picture that is never far from my work area?

Well, now look down:

And do you see that the black camera case on the left opened as it was falling down, and that the wrist strap of the camera caught on the scrolly work of the table? Well, it did not get there by itself, I am thinking my SGV snagged it as it was going down and hung it there for me to find-protecting it from damage. So, Thanks SGV, you are the best!

Disclaimer: any dust you might see in this corner picture is historically significant, and I know my SHusband would want me to preserve it, otherwise, you can be sure that I would have removed it. Do you buy that? Thanks, I knew that you would friend.

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