Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flu Flown

So, it has been a week with no posting, for various reasons. Very busy last week, then Friday through Sunday we went away to a local hotel with a POOL for SSon. He was also invited to go with SDaughter and her family to "Splash Lagoon" in Erie PA, which is just about 1.5 hrs. away on the Thruway. This trip was on Thursday, overnight to Friday, then he came to meet us at the hotel. This means that he swam for 4 days in the winter-can life be any better for him? Well, if the Buffalo Sabres won the Stanley Cup for Hockey, that would be the biggest whoop ever for him. Did I tell you that he grows a beard for Sabre season until the last puck is dropped for the last game? His beard is very dark brown-red with a hint of grey! My SS has grey in his beard-what next? He invited a SFriend who used to work with him at his sheltered workshop for a swim on Saturday. They are both such nice guys, talk radio stations and music all the time, very polite. We picked up pizza, wings and the trimmings for this little party, but a really nice healthy salad also. His SDad and SStepmom also came for a time, but since his SDad had just been discharged from hospital for some surgery, they just stayed a short time, very amazed that they were able to attend at all.
SD and her fam came for swimming Saturday also. AND, SGrandson jumped into the pool for the first time. He can swim, but has been afraid to jump in, once the floodgate was broken, he must have jumped in a zillion times. He likes going underwater and popping up as fast as he can-and he is perfecting a move where he jumps up and spins at the same time. Ah youth.
SHusband liked the food and comfy bed, he rested most of the day actually. I think the trips down for the breakfast and lunch took a lot of his strength. We have always brought a lot to read on trips, so he was all set. We even managed to work on a Historical project on the laptop for him. Can I write this trip off as a business trip now? And I managed to read an entire book. We watched a movie, "The Green Mile", I had read the book and seen the movie before, I really did not think he would like it at all, but while jumping through the channels, he saw it and stopped to watch.
Then Sunday struck. I woke up very tired, thought it was because the scent of chlorine and humidity from pool area messed with my asthma, and that probably was the case for part of this, but the level of exhaustion was just like a sledge hammer. After we checked out, it continued, but needed to stop on the way home for few "fill-in" groceries, you know the things you don't stock up on when you will be gone for a few days-milk, bread, produce. Dragged my coolou through the store for as little as I could get away with. SS bought us peppermint flavored coffee while I was in the store, even that did not jumpstart me. After we dragged everything and me into the house, all had to be sorted and put away. I was so tired, I left the car out in the driveway-did you read that carefully, I LEFT THE CAR OUT? Could not put it in the garage. Here in the winter, if you have a garage, you use it, no questions asked. We can have a storm dropping snow and ice in a blink, so uptight people like me do not leave their cars out-except when we are tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired.
By the next morning, exhaustion continued, but we added a few things to the mix: headache, dizzy, nausea, oh no, this is not looking good. We needed to go to a very important lawyer appointment at noon, so took shower, put on jammies, put on regular clothes, put on coat, and earrings, and away we went.
This was a kind of fog meeting, I knew what was going on, but did not care.
Once home, I spoke with SSister who had gotten my earlier whinning call to ask if she could take SMom for a medical appointment on the next day-she of course said yes, she always says yes, it does not matter if she is not feeling well, she will never tell you, she just puts everyone else first. God broke the mold with this one.
And then the rest of the package of fun was delivered Monday evening-my membership to the bathroom spa was renewed for the next 8 hours. It was an exclusive membership, everyone was on alert that I NEEDED to have control of that room at a moments notice. My guys came through.
So all appointments plans and visits for those two days were null and void. Home it was, and is there nothing worse than feeling so sick that nothing is worth doing? No book has charms, no TV show has interests, all is blah. No even tea tastes good, and forget coffee, the mere thought of it in my stomach makes me almost barf (as in hurl, vomit, etc.).
Today, I am moving over to the side of the living, and glad to be so. Not all symptoms are gone, but the troublemakers are, so that is good enough for me.
So, how was your week? Flu free I hope.
Is this my only post ever without pictures? Guess I am not as great as I thought.

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One Woman's Journey said...

Sally - take care of yourself. I return all the kind words you have recently sent to me.
I know you enjoyed your family time.
This time of year - this mom is very isolated.
Spring - hurry up.