Thursday, January 28, 2010

Window views

This is what we see out of our front/living room window right now.

This is what we see out of our kitchen/back window right now.

Do you see a common thread? Yes, this is one of the days when we keep saying " Isn't it good that we did not have to go anywhere this morning?" . Every morning this week, trips into the tundra were necessary. On two of those days, I needed to leave the house at 6am, just me and the snowplows driving into the flakes. Flakes that on their own look lovely, but in a group-not so nice. But today, we don't have to go kicking and screaming, fingernails torn as they are pulled from the door jam upon our need to exit the warm, wind free house. We do have a Kiwanis dinner meeting tonight, but that might be just me. I wonder if anyone would notice if I wore a pair of my new blue long underwear? Probably not, unless I choose to wear them over and under my pants . That sounds so warm!

And here is a picture of part of a Slate-colored Junco work crew. Juncos are so dark on top, that they look almost black, and their underbelly is so bright white that you can't see where they end and the snow begins.
Here is a pictue from BING images.
What you don't see is that above them is another Junco, breaking seeds away from the suet cakes. These seeds drop, some onto the edge of the porch, where one guy then grabs them. If they fall to the ground, another team member is there to get those bits of seed and suet. Don't you love teamwork?

I hope you can team up with family and friends to stay warm and well fed, and if you have extra, why not donate to those who don't. Just a suggestion.


Margaret Hall said...

Great views, Sally...You are a "shutterbug" for real~!!...Not much snow here in Oregon, except for Christmas before last...I came from Colorado, so I know snow and snow shoveling!
((Oh, my aching back))..too old now to shovel snow!
We have teamwork here too...The Chickadees throw out seed to others in their families, and then also the sparrows glean too...We also feed Jays and we have a squirrel that "noses" in~!!
Love your postings..wish you had more readers!!

Time for a Bucket List!

Diet is a four-lettered word!




sally said...

Hi Margaret, don't you love watching birds? I wonder if there is a species that is watching us and saying the same thing! Thanks for the meditation info on your site too. Good steps to follow.