Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Whar's behind your couch?

In the process of changing living room window treatments. Fancy term eh? Treatment. Sounds like a medial procedure instead of what you put on the windows.

Actually, I only have those translucent scarf thingys on my living room window, but need to stop draft-we have fairly new window, new siding, but you know about the wind out here, so finally, I am giving in and putting up some thermal lined drapes that I can close. I love the light, open window look that we have without drapes, especially since we have a woods across the street, no neighbors to flash or have to look at their choice of outdoor decorations-you know not everyone is a fan of gimmy-gachees everywhere. I have seriously looked at what we put out there in summer, and have toned it down over the years. So, those in glass houses, etc. Looking in my own mirror here, had way too many uncle Sam things over the year-SHusband once portrayed SUncle Sam in town parade, so he was fond of that character, and I went waaaay overboard with the little reminders. I wonder if my across the street neighbors, squirrels, birds and an occasional deer were shaking their collective heads with disgust over MY decorating choices?

Well, I need to stay on course here, new drapes were the topic. So, before putting up new drapes, had to remove part of SH's collection of spheres made from jade, snowflake obsidian, etc that lined the sill. Really pretty, many colors, and mostly round or non-sphere, egg shaped.

They have now been moved to another spot, here are a few close-ups:

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Margaret Hall said...

What beautiful orbs/spheres~!!!
Such a nice collection. And, for the fact of the open, sunny window, it is YOUR window and you can "treat" it anyway you wish...*smiles*...