Friday, January 22, 2010

New Drapes are up.

You might remember that I reluctantly took down my pretend window covering-the printed scarf and needed to put up some WINTER IS HERE SILLY GOOSE drapes. Here is a picture of the old look, and now the new look.

This close-up shows what color they are: Rustic Red, which looks like a dark brick red.
So listen, I really did not think I would like them at all, and guess what? I do already. It feels cozy when they are closed, and for those nights that I am not sleeping, I can go in this now warmer, quiet room and read away, like the latest book I just finished, "The Shanghai Girls", by Lisa See.

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Margaret Hall said...

Hi, Sally....
The scarf one was light and airy, and now as you say, this is cozier and you can read and not be disturbed!!...I am partial to the red, and the beautiful lamp is accented beautifully against them...NICE!!

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