Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pretty morning, and unhealthy afternoon

Here is the view out our front window this morning. Isn't it pretty? The birds were out trying to get some seed. The temp was only 7degrees when these pictures were taken at 8am.

The picture on the right is a goldfinch with an injured wing. He has been staying close to the feeder for about two weeks, we are happy every time we see him, glad he is still healing, and taking food.

SSon did snow blowing at 5:30am, he said he wanted to get it out of the way. Isn't he the best!

SS and I went to pick up meds and groceries for SMom this morning, the stores and gas stations were crazy baby! That is what we do here-we must all have the scouting gene-be prepared. The ride to SM's house is about 30-40 minutes in good weather. Today we had good weather, then bad weather, then good. Do you see a pattern here? The weather you have out your windshield is not necessarily the weather you have past your bumper.

And of course, my co-addiction buddy and I had hot beverages on the way home. He had chocolate latte, and I had Chai latte. We stopped at Dunkin' Donuts. Those are like swear words in our family, since we own Tim Horton's stock. But, wait, I have an excuse, I did not want more coffee, I wanted their Chai Latte. And after SS tasted mine, he said it was really good, which made me wonder. Holy sucrose Batman, this stuff must have a ton of sugar if SS likes it. I just looked up the nutrition info on my Chai latte: 14oz, 330 calories, 9 grams of fat (8saturated), and 46 grams of sugar. What was I thinking? Step away from the latte anything.

So now I am worried, has the water supply had sugar added to it too, because we really like the taste of tap water?

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