Saturday, January 30, 2010

Honey, we are having TWINS!

See, the space between the buds? Yep, two on the way, buns in the oven, etc.

That was midweek, today, look at where they are:

And, as far as color, I am beginning to think that my blog friend Margaret is going to be correct-not RED, but Pink.

The picture is blurry-and I only had one cup of semi-coffee today, but you can see the edges where it is furling seem to be pink. So listen, Tune in next week folks for another exciting adventure in the life of Priscilla Amaryllis.
p.s. see that building way in the back of the picture? It was a cheese factory from 1904-1966. My Shusband's family ran it from 1925-1966, purchased by SHusband's father from Hasselbeck Cheese Company in 1947. Borden Cheese (as in Elsie the cow) bought up Hasselbecks Cheese Company in 1929, and it became a division of that larger company. The house we live in was built by Hasselbeck Cheese Company in 1904 for the Cheesemaker and his family. Since Hasselbeck was a Buffalo Company, this house is built like a Buffalo house, tall and narrow, with very small bedrooms. Over the years, the outside has changed, but the nice, loving, smart German men inside stay the same.


Margaret Hall said...

Lovin the progress of Priscilla...and two, wow! the Cheese Factory home..I just love coming here and learning from reading!!

sally said...

Thanks Margaret, I thought I better add more than, "here's the Amaryllis today"!