Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We have had 2 recent episodes of people who have been beat up here in Western New York, and it is said that the reason is because they are homosexual!
So what if some people do not agree with their differences, so what if "they" don't "Approve" of "their" lifestyle. Who are they to think it is their job to beat up people just because they are different????
Do members of the gay and lesbian community beat up "straight" people just because?
Why must hate continue in our lives? Why must people act in a violent way? I know there are so many forms of violence being perpetrated today, against women, children, other religions, Americans, anyone, they are all wrong, but today I am distressed because of these recent events. This is just another type of injustice that can not be tolerated, can not be commonplace until it means nothing when we hear about it on the news. Just as we became immune to other forms of violence due to the sheer numbers of it, we must become upset, we can not just say, oh my goodness, that is terrible. What can we do? Someone please help me to spread the word that we must stop acting violent on what we think is right or wrong.
We are all worthy to be respected for just the fact that we ARE.
I am not gay, but I am a person, just like you.
I do not have close family members who are homosexual, but I think a lot of people change their mind about their prejudices if they are personally involved. We must all be PERSONally involved. What if it was your child that was beaten?
I am not free of prejudices, but I have hopefully deleted all prejudices that pertain to people. How can I be prejudice against others if I expect them to not be prejudiced towards me? We all deserve that consideration.
I am not a skilled orator, not a wordsmith, just a person, just like you, who is trying to please ask others to show tolerance for all. Not tolerance because we are superior to any group, but tolerance because all are worthy of this treatment.

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