Sunday, January 17, 2010

Amaryllis week 2

As promised, here is the second week of our friend Priscilla the Amaryllis. Yes, I know, who names a plant? Well, actually, we also have a cactus named Charlie. Just being consistent here.

If you remember, on January 9th, she was just reaching the top of the bottom ceramic tile, now, she is up and over the sill, peaking out the window. If she looks closely, she will see that the snow that was covering most of the window outside has melted below the sill-having a bit of a melt today.

On the sill behind her sprouts is a "Thunder Egg" which is an agate quartz rock that looks like a plain old bumpy grey rock on the outside, but when broken open, the cavity is filled with this lovely stuff. In this case the blue filler is in the shape of a star. SHusband has these things all over, and I just pluck out ones that I like and borrow them for a bit.

While I am typing this, SH is giving me the chemical makeup of every type of gem stone, he loves to share info. Every few seconds he adds one more fact. Too funny. I am not being rude by not paying attention (I hope), he just tends to go on a smidge after we have finished talking, or at least I thought we were finished. Now I am going on, must be contagious.

Tune in next week for another adventure of Priscilla as she looks around her world.


Margaret Hall said...

Hi, Sally! Came to your blog from MAFW's blog and I enjoyed your write about "Priscilla"! Naming plants, animals, and 'pet names' for people is fun!!
I love the Thunder Egg...I too have one, and love Amythst and Crystals....That is a beautiful specimen!
Come visit when time allows...I have a blog on Wordpress..
and 4 on Blogspot...
See you again soon!

sally said...

Hi Mary, I was responging backwards to my comments, so here is your official welcome!
SHusband prefers fossils, and has a beautiful collection of those too-I will take some pictures soon. Thanks for the comment!