Sunday, January 31, 2010

Books galore

It is either I can not read because I am too busy, or don't feel like reading a book-which happens unfortunately at times, or I am reading a few books at a time. I never could do that before-read more than a book at a time. I wanted to give all my attention to one set of characters, let them float around in my head, enjoy meeting them, and then sorry to leave them by the wayside as I jumped into another author's efforts.

But now, I am reading a whole bunch of different books. "The Shack" by Wm. Paul Young. I am about to give up on this one. It was given to me as a must read. I tried, could not get into the story. Gave it back, and the same SFriend gave it back to me and insisted that I needed to finish it-"I was about to get into the great par"t-she knew this because I left my bookmark in my give-up point. That bookmark is actually one that we had made as a favor for our wedding, nice little quote, purple tassel to match the invitations, and heres the best part-it was free from the engravers! I can not get past this one part in the story-but don't let me discourage any of you from reading this book-we all have our own style that we enjoy.

Next on the list, "Luncheon of the Boating Party" by Susan Vreeland. It is based around the time of the painting by the same name by Renoir, and he is one of the characters. Very nice period piece reading. Next, "eat, pray, love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, not a novel, her reflections on her journey through her soul and back by way of Italy, India and Bali. I told Shusband that I am sorry that I have almost finished this book, I am enjoying it more than I thought I would, and that I am not skimming parts that are not dialogue is real growth on my part! She has another book out called "Committed" which is the sequel, I am sure I will read that also.

Another book that is a reflection book is by Jan Karon-do you know him? He writes a series of books with Fr. Tim of the Mitford series, and this book represents as a copy of the journal which Fr. Tim keeps-not just for his thoughts, reminders, but also where he collects favorite quotes. It is so beautifully bound-to look just like a cherished journal-and, the pages are done just as a journal would be ink with cursive writing.
It is not read from front to back as his other novels are, but small doses at a time, with poignant little personal notes mixed with the quotes and thoughts. SAunt gave this to me, and I am very grateful, and happy that she knew how much I would enjoy this. Hopefully this will not sound too disrespectful, but as a child/young adult, I thought I matched her more than my SMother. I did not understand the fact that being in the same gene pool as my SA we had some of all in us, so we did not have to be "all or nothing" of our parents. Those who know SM know that a harder worker could not be found, and she was a woman who raised 5 children on her own.
Now of course I have learned in my own family that environment is also a key factor for who we become, and who we choose to be. Hey wait, this was about books I am reading, not the "BOOK OF SARAH" (did you know that is my real name?).

I just purchased three books at Dollar General, all for $3. each, such a bargain! I will let you know how they are. I have found some real gems there.

Are you a reader? Not talking about your ability, but your desire. Reading can sometimes save the day or take away the day-fine line must be drawn, just like the Internet, TV or whatever keeps you from being part of your world.


Margaret Hall said...

Actually, Sarah, (I may call you that? *smile*)
I am a terrible reader...Oh, I blame it on time, which is most of it...But, I stick my nose into a book now and again. I love books that fall into my hands at the used book stores and at the discount tables...I am not a book-seeker, but have a friend that is a AVID reader, and I am into many book stores on her account. I am now reading a tiny book called "The Quilt", (as I love quilting) by T. Davis Bunn. It is warm and family oriented...
Loved your posting...

sally said...

Margaret, you may call me whatever works for you!
My SSister #2 and my Scousin are quilters. I have read some books with a quilting theme because they were recommended by SC. What is the Quilter about? I may have read it.