Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

I hope you didn't party too much last night and that you don't look like the picture above today! It is of a street performer in Rome-the 1st one that I ever saw, I really, really, honest to baby Jesus thought it was a statue. It is right next to a unique modern art type of statue-do you see it?

The tour guide got a kick out of the fact that some of us jumped as the drunk sculpture moved when someone put a coin into his jar. OK, maybe I was the only rube that jumped-but I was not prepared for this to be a real person. Apparently this is actually how they make a living. Here are some more pictures of street performers-some statues and some dressed in costumes to get money for posing for pictures.

What did you do to acknowledge the end of 2009?

We watched hours of Twilight Zone episodes. The Sci-Fi channel (new logo SyFy) was playing them yesterday and today.

In years past other stations have also had a marathon and many years ago we decided to tape as many as we could, all day, during, the night, all the next day. And of course, we never played the tapes! So last night we saw many episodes that we have not seen yet.

My favorite is one called "To Serve Man". It is about aliens who come to Earth to help us with Peace, famine, you name it. Then the Earthlings are invited back to their planet. The kicker is that the aliens brought a manual with them, and an Earthling was given the task to decode the book. At the end of the story, you find out what the book really is about-I can't tell you the ending, stop asking, OK, here it is, nope, you almost made me ruin it for you. You need to go to

You Tube, type in "twilight zone to serve man". It will give you a 5 minute version of this episode. Or, you can e-mail me and I will tell you the ending.

So listen, Enjoy 2010, your day, week, month and year.
Every day is precious, a gift from God just for you.

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