Sunday, January 24, 2010

Phyllis update

Here she is in all her glory! The closeup shows her bud just starting to open-what color do you see? I think I see red or pink. And do you appreciate the growth? The tip is almost to the top edge of the bottom window.

And those "eyes" peaking at you in the top picture-coming from the base of the jade plant? They are on a painted rock with a ladybug design that a SFriend gave to me. I rotate the jade plant frequently so that it does not grow too crooked, so you may have seen the "bug" in other pictures-just not so scary looking. I also pile on rocks stolen from SHusband to keep the jade plant propped upright.

1 comment:

Margaret Hall said...

I vote PINK!!!
You are lovin' this progress, and well you should! My houseplants are pointing to the faucet...*smile*