Monday, March 1, 2010

Fontana Di Trevi

You might have noticed that the picture in the header section of my blog is always one that I took in Italy. For my first year on the blog experience, I think I will continue to do that.
The new picture for my blog for March is the Trevi Fountain. This picture was taken by SMe in 2006.

There are many versions of the number of coins, and the shoulder you throw them over into the fountain for various results. We were told that if you threw coins over your LEFT shoulder, it meant that you were wishing for a return there. If you threw coins over your RIGHT shoulder, you were wishing for true LOVE. I am Blessed to have the latter, so I wished for the former-but, not for SM, but for SDaughter.

She had been there at age 18 as part of a touring Choral Group, but how much do you pay attention at that age? She was on a whirlwind tour, stopping at many places to perform, boys and girls touring together, cute Italian guides-what can I say?

Here is a link to the wikipedia story of the fountain, very interesting.

And look at this night picture from that site-lovely.

You might remember the fountain because of the Movie "Three Coins in the Fountain", and it has been used in every movie shot in Rome since then I think.

Well, lucky for me to have been there with SSister#1

and all these other tourists that day.

And, with your back to the fountain, walking down the center of the three main streets that converge at the fountain, you will see this. Many Embassies are located in that area.

So listen, the first post of the month usually has a little info about my trip, so if you are interested, you can check back through my archives. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you have a place as special as Fountana Di Trevi in your memory bank.


Margaret Hall said...

Hi, Sally! Well, I don't have the Fountana Di Trevi in my memory bank nor anything quite as unique and grand, but thank you for posting the pictures where us bloggers can come and peruse your trip at anytime~!
This is a lovely area and I am sure that it is quite the scene in actuality~!! Lovely, and great pics!!

sally said...

Thanks for stoppping in and commenting Margaret. I hope readers aren't bored with my one and only BIG trip!