Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our sweet Acolyte

This is my SGrandson performing his Acolyte duties at his church today. He has been doing this service for about 4 months, but today was the first day the weather was great and all the planets aligned to make it possible for us to be there. An Acolyte lights the candles before the service and distinguishes them at the conclusion. SGS also helped his Pastor by holding the tray with the alternative-Communion apple juice offering. Apparently it is a learned skill to distinguish the flame without making that clicking sound as that snuffer covers the flame. He was very worried that it would make a noise, but that is how he is-always wants to do a great job. His father was an acolyte, and his SMom was the first female alter server in our Catholic Church, so it is in his genes apparently! He was very reverent and we were very proud. He arranged where we would sit near his paternal grandmother, so he could sit right in front of us and he periodically peeked at us or put his hand up on the back of the pew so I could pat it with affection, then he would quickly turn around and smile. Oh boy that guy has my heart.Knowing my penchant for pictures, he came out before hand to remind me that his Pastor said I could not take pictures during the service.

Good thing she reminded me! So these pictures are staged afterwards in this sweet little church with a gem of a SPastor that gives wonderfully inspiring homilies. Everyone there was so welcoming to us as always even though we are just guests, they even brought SHusband's walker up after the service without being asked. So that was the beginning of a busy day for us, but really could it have been nicer? I think not.

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