Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hi SReaders, I have been very busy with life, enough so that I did not have time to record any moments for you.
Since we last got together part 1:

SSon and I went to see a much anticipated and twice rescheduled Sir Elton John and Billy Joel concert in town. I originally bought the tickets for SDaughter and SSon for the July 09 performance, then it was rescheduled for December 09, then again to March 12th, 2010, but by that time, SD was well into her much anticipated Student Teaching and could not spare the time away, so off Mom and Son went. While waiting in line for 90 minutes, let me say that again, while waiting in line for 90 minutes, did you get the impact of that? So anyway, while waiting in line for 90 minutes to go thru the turnstiles, we were speaking with some other fans. One father and 10 year old daughter bought their tickets online last week for $97. each-the same as our tickets-but they were sitting in the 200 section, very near the stage. Another couple paid the same at the same time we did the first few minutes it went on sale, and they were in the 100 section-as in ground floor. We on the other hand, were in the 300 TOP section, and to be exact, we were TWO ROWS FROM THE TOP!!!, Oh and, at the opposite end from the stage. See:

I was very, well let's say confused, but we all know what I really was! When we bought our tickets, SS and I were each on a phone, and I logged into the Internet ticket site. It took us 20 minutes to get in, and we were told that another set of tickets would not be offered, so we took what was offered. And so there we sat pretty sure there was going to be a show way down there because some lights were on and we could see them.

And then the sound system started playing some music, and guess what, it was a great sound system, so we knew we would be able to hear something too. We saw a couple of large screens above the stage, so there was hope that we would see a larger image on that too. Unfortunately, some large light systems were hanging right in front of them, so that option was out. We ate our hot dog-they do taste better there for some reason. The lights flashed, the music got reallllllllly loud-oh my old ears, and then the stage floor opened and two pianos came up, and the two stars walked onstage. I am telling you friends it was so wonderful, awesome, marvelous to be hearing them. My favorite was Elton John, SSon leaned a little more to Billy Joel, but both gave a great show, very long too, and they each apologized in their solo section for rescheduling, but the crowd just sent them back love, we are an area of big hearts up here in Western New York. They had some very high-end lights too (but let's remember, my last concert was Johnny Cash and the Highway Men, and before that it was Frank Sinatra-it has been some time, and the lights may have evolved a bit!) Here are some shots:

I texted SD that we were sitting so high up that I was afraid to stand and look down, I was sure I would just start to tumble and roll right down onto the floor of the arena, really, it was right there in my list of possible disasters. So, I didn't drink anything to avoid a trip to the loo, unfortunately, the two teenage girls sitting 4 seats down the row form us, who could have cared less about these performers must have the weakest bladders in existence, because they were back and forth way too many times. And each time, you needed to stand to let them pass, and I knew that if I was going to tumble forward, I was taking one of them with me-not for spite, just the way gravity and momentum works folks.
I was pleased that I was not the oldest attendee in the place, I even spotted some that looked older than me! SD texted me not to inhale that high up-you know in days past that was a possibility-and that was 2nd hand smoke with more than just physical risks! I texted back that the only thing I smell is BenGay.
I called home to record some of the songs on our answering machine, but when SHusband got home he was not aware of my plan, so he deleted all the messages-he thought it was a crank call! I called SD, but she also only heard garbled stuff, I called SCousin, but it did not come through for her either-well, like they say, "You had to be there."

So listen, if you can spare the cash, and they are coming to a venue near you, I highly recommend their show. Boys, you were worth the wait.
P.S. tickets $200., parking $15, 2 t-shirts $80., 1 Program $25., 2 hotdogs, 1 pop, 2 huge horrible pretzels, $12.00, the look on SSon's face-you got it-priceless:

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Margaret Hall said...

Sounds like great fun was had by all, even for the expense that occurred~!! Always a treat when we get to see our favorite entertainers~!!
Good for you~!! I see that there WASS a