Monday, March 22, 2010

That's my Girl!

Since we last got together part 2:

SDaughter finished up her first 8 week student teaching assignment-it was even more stressful due to the fact that it was about a one hour drive in "good weather" (this is a phrase that you use when you live in a snowy area-if you are talking driving times, you always use the caveat "in good weather" because everything can change in the blink of a cloud), in an old car, INTO SKI COUNTRY! I tell you there were fewer grey hairs on my bleached head than when she started that drive.

And, she passed her assignment! OF COURSE! She is a worry wart, but really, if you had so much invested in this career change, you would be too. It was a brave thing to attempt to go to school full time, raising the world's best SGrandson, and um, did I mention also working full time?

And today she starts her last placement, this one is just a hop, skip and a Thruway jump for her to be there. And, the day after she finishes that she GRADUATES FROM COLLEGE! I am so darn proud of her, she made the decision, and she did it-her last semester she had a 3.7 average-are you kidding me!

We have struggled many years in our relationship because I knew she was smart, but I could not convince her to use her gifts. Harangued is the term for what I probably did. Then she percolated all her thoughts, and convinced herself to change her life.

So that's why this is my favorite saying lately "That's my girl!". Emphasis on each word.

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Margaret Hall said...

Once again a SDaughter learns that SMom knows her talents~!! Congratz to her!!