Monday, March 8, 2010

Bird update

I love when this guy comes to visit:

He is a Red Bellied Woodpecker, but I double-dog-dare you to find the red on the belly! Maybe a hint of tan or yellow mostly, but if you look right near where the belly touches the suet cage-you will see a small spot of pink.

Isn't the red on the neck nice?

If the red comes up the nape of the neck and down onto the front of the head, near the beak, it is a male. If the red stops at back of head, it is a female. This one seems to be a male because you can see the red blotch just above it's beak. We have a different special suet cake with seed, nuts and fancy suet just for woodpeckers, but rarely see one on there. Well, at least the other birds are enjoying the feast.
And we are very happy that we have our regular beautiful visitors.

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Margaret Hall said...

He is TRULY GORGEOUS~!! And, how close he comes so that you can see him..Wonderful!!Great pics, and such a handsome subject!