Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unique marker

A few weeks ago, SHusband and I had 10 minutes to spare before visiting his SSister and SBrother in law. We usually try to arrive at 1:30, but since there was no weather factor, our drive took less time than usual. My SSIL usually finishes caring for her husband by 1:30 and we did not want to interfere by arriving early. So SH suggested that we drive through the local cemetery, and since he is a historian, he has taught me how beautiful some of the older grave markers are. We some some really unique, small and large ones, some from Civil War era even.
One family group that I was really struck by was this one:

The family name is Waterman, and the large marker is sculpted to resemble a tree trunk, with the bark texture carved in, and even a fern carved into the front bottom of the trunk. In front of the large marker were small pieces of the tree, with names and dates engraved, and the end of the individual pieces even had the grain of the wood represented.

I found this grouping very beautiful, and wish I could have met the people that requested these markers. They must have been very creative, maybe even whimsical and very accomplished since these were obviously custom pieces. Did their family have anything to do with the lumber business, or did the "we are all cut from the same tree" mindset appeal to them? The dates range from 1837-1898. I wonder if one spouse had to convince the other to choose this style?
May they rest in Peace.

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