Sunday, June 26, 2011

Loop-de-loop Lupine

This was my Lupine plant a few weeks back.
I planted it last year, no blossoms.  Then, I forgot about what it was.
This year, the leaves/stems started growing like crazy, and I did not know what to expect.  One day, I noticed that the stems were laying on the ground, I propped them up with a wee little metal fence, and as Jack Paar used to say, "I kid you not",  the blossoms started growing within days, like little pockets, then they opened up and this beautiful color appears.  I had 4 large flowers within a week. 
One day, it rained a lot, and the large flowers went from shooting for the stars to looking for worms-they hung down from the force of the rain and the weight.  Notice at the end/bottom of the flower, those little pockets are white-they are the new growth, and they are already, within hours of falling over,
turning up towards the sky.  Fastest growing plants ever.
Now, maybe you master gardeners knew that center flower was upside down, but I think those of us who are simply amazed at it's beauty
are just too in awe to bring it to the attention of the Lupine.
  I needed to ask a SFriend who knows so much about flowers,
to tell me what it was named.
Now, I will remember.
As I said, this photo was taken a few weeks ago, now the flower has small, long, furry pods where the beautiful purple pillows were.  I need to look in my book to see if those are seeds that I should allow to fall to reseed or just trim off.
I just wanted you to see this beautiful plant-you deserve
some pretty in your life today SReaders.

And for your patience with my little flower story, here is a portion of a Jack Paar show-with Richard Nixon playing the piano. 
Only here folks can you be so amazed.  No charge. 

What do you mean "Who is Jack Paar?", what do you mean "Who is Richard Nixon?"
Go to bed little kid, way before your time eh?

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