Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ever feel like someone is watching you?

Ever feel like someone is watching you?  Well today while I was doing some computer work, SHusband said very excitedly "Look at this"!!
I looked and took a few pictures so you could see also:

He is a Pileated Woodpecker, not usually seen at our feeder, and he did not fit very well, but did manage to grab a few morsels.  SH and Boo-Boo Marie were amazed.  SH said that while he was lying down he heard the PW's call first, and wondered why the sound seemed so close-when he sat up he was very pleased.  Here is that sound and a good look at them, they are about 15 inches long:
My pictures are not very good-they were taken from the opposite end of the living room, through the window screen, I didn't dare try to get too close or wait to zoom my cell phone-these needed to be taken now.  Nice diversion for an afternoon.

And here is what I am watching while I drive through my town:

Some hay has been sown after the fields were turned over, now grown and cut, will sit like this for a day or so then turned over to dry and then a big machine sucks it up, compacts it into a block or roll and spits it out for another machine to gather up.  I like living in the country so that I can see this process and can appreciate the long hours and days that it takes our farmers to produce our country's bounty.  And I also get to see little baby sheep and goats and cows toddling around.  Life, ain't it grand.  I need to make sure that I appreciate all the good things around me, sometimes I get caught up in planning, doing, and my brain is going a bizillion miles an hour to do what I think I do best "seeing the big picture", well, the big picture is sometimes really small out a window and needs to be part of my daily "to-do" list.

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