Friday, June 24, 2011

LOVE, Time and Respect

Love, Time and Respect, put it all together, and they spell "Happy 50th Anniversary" to my Dear Cara Sorella#1 and Her Wonderful Husband.  Here they were then:

Here they are now:

They are always the first to help each member of their families with ANYTHING.  Work, Support, Guidance, Role Models, you name it, they did it, never complaining, just looking to see whom else they could support in any way.  They are active in their church, and I  think that is what really gives them what they need to sustain all their goals.
They have 3 accomplished, kind children, 5 incredibly adorable, smart grandchildren, and a family on both sides that admire them both. May the gifts they give to others come back to them everyday in blessings.
Here is our family picture on that wonderful day:
And here is the age run down on this day in 1961: Bride 20, Groom 22, Mother of the Bride (Matka) 37!!!!!, back row/left SSister #2 18, SBrother#1, well, have you noticed that I cut and pasted him into the photo?  He was off serving his country in the Air Force, so this picture was taken 7 seven years later when he was 26, SBrother#2 14, Me 13.  The man in the front-left is the father of us kids, maybe 40.

My God Bless them and their marriage for another 50 years.  Love you so much.

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