Friday, September 16, 2011

Really Pat Robertson?

Pat did it again.  He said it is OK to divorce a spouse with Alzheimer's Disease, because even though we get married for sickness and health, Alzheimer's Disease is a form of death.

(Deep breath. Stay calm so you can get your point across Sally.)

Alzheimer's Disease is a form of death he said, key word "form", Death is the absence of Life, not the journey towards death.  And Alzheimer's Disease  is just one of the paths that we take towards death, like MS, Cancer, ALS, Heart Disease.  Just because the spouse afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease might not be mentally aware of the Divorce, is not a reason for it to be "OK".

Shame on you Pat Robertson. 

The love and devotion that spouses of people with Alzheimer's Disease give knows no bounds, just as other care takers provide for their ill loved ones.

This remark of his sounds like he thinks this disease is unique, and all bets are off, vows be damned.

But I am thinking that Pat Robertson is not a spiritual leader, but a publicity whore.  The negative attention he received for his "AIDS is punishment for the  Gay community" remarks has worn off and he needs a new jolt of attention.

Couldn't a gifted spiritual leader have given better advice than to divorce the person with Alzheimer's Disease.  Aah, that is the real problem, you can't be what you are not!

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