Monday, September 19, 2011

Deeelightful Dahlia

My late summer present!  I purchased some bulbs and tubers through a fund-raiser, and unfortunately, these are the only fruits of that purchase-other than the good work that the donation made possible. 
It is  a variety of Dahlia, and the color is even in the fall range.
Just when you think it is time to trim and pluck and toss, here comes this pretty reminder of why we plant and water and patiently wait. 

Sometimes I am not so patient-OK, that was a given as those who know me can attest.
But, I had totally written off this plant, and truthfully, was internally grumbling about being ripped off. Maybe God knew I needed something pretty, and he was just waiting for the best time?  That's what I am going with.
And speaking of "going with", I have come to a decision-if Boo-Boo the cat is sleeping on our unmade bed, and it is time for us to leave the house, I am going to let her sleep.
I am always certain that I will have an emergency situation, and someone will need to come to my house and see the unmade bed-you can't avoid seeing it, the bedroom is right off the dining room, visible as you go to any room.  They will then of course assume that I am a lazy slob.  And that is what I have convinced myself that I am if I leave without the bed being made.
But, we have a twist in our exit pattern now, we need to have all the doors (3) wide open to the outside for the motorized wheelchair to zip through, and if I disturb the sleeping cat just to make the bed, she will also zip through the open doors! Not good, not only because she is a pip to catch, but as you know, I am a chipmunk/snake assassin,  ( read this link and the comment for my dark side  Die chipmunk, die!   ) and there might be some lethal dregs out there for sweet kitty to nibble.  We can not take that chance with our beloved little cat.
So, I will leave the bed unmade when necessary, and please do not judge me harshly if you see that "nail on the chalkboard" situation.

Today,    LIFE IS A HIGHWAY  enjoy.


DIANA said...

If YOU are a "lazy slob" for not making a bed, what on earth does that make ME? (with my house looking the way it does!)

sally said...

That makes you a busy woman who is always helping someone! Own it woman!