Saturday, September 3, 2011

One tooth less to brush.

Yesterday, I had a wisdom tooth pulled.  It was rebuilt many times in my many years, and this time I said, that is it-no more money showers for you.
 I found it broken in a most unconventional way.  I sleep face down in my pillow, teeth clamped tightly together. When I woke up, my tongue seemed bruised, and looking at my pillow, I found a piece of white filling.  The small size meant that more pieces were certainly someplace. Could not find them, wonder if I swallowed it/them in the night?  And the mirror showed that the reason my tongue was bruised and hurting was because with the filling gone, my remaining tooth stump was a lethal weapon.
This is reverse tooth fairy practice of course, leave a tooth, get some money. 
But becausee I am special, I found part of a tooth and spent some money.  One hundred and ninety-one dollars  to be exact. But really, the oral surgeon and his assistant were exactly what you want in  health care professionals, kind, polite, gentile and reassuring. And, they both told me that I had a small mouth-see, I always thought there was a small person hiding inside of me, and it was as close as my mouth!
They even called home before my appointment to say that the Dentist was running late, and that I could come there later for my appointment.  But, you know me right?  I had left already when they called, and got there 15 minutes early.  So, my wait was a tad longer.  But, it is what it is eh?
I got to read my email and check facebook on my wonderful droid, check over my schedule for the next few weeks and sit in an air-conditioned lovely room and be still.  Not always part of my life, so that in itself was a gift.
After the dentist, I needed to pick up SSon from his father's home, and then go to cash his paycheck-I took that opportunity to stock up on some "soft" food at the grocery store: yogurt and rice pudding.  And since I was still under the magical, pain-free  spell of the Novocaine, I did a cart worth of shopping too.  I did have to keep my mouth closed tightly on a gauze piece, so I could not talk, and my one cheek was way out there from the gauze, but hey, I was not as bad as some people in the store, pants hanging off their coolous, and "Stuff" flowing out of their tops.  Not a judgement, just stating the facts ma'am.  Of course we all know it was a judgement, but that was my feeble attempt at "live and let live", saw right though me did you?
I was a little uncomfortable last evening when everything wore off, but think about how other people are suffering with real aliments, and for me just a few Motrin and the pain is manageable.
So, think of the money I will save on toothpaste, floss and wear and tear of the toothbrush now that I have one less tooth to pay attention to.   What could I spend it on?  A sprinkle from the top of a doughnut?  A single layer of nail polish on my baby toe? Or hey, maybe I could save it up and buy a pack of sugar free gum-that is what the tooth fairy always left for my kids. One memorable time, SDaughter woke up before me the tooth fairy, and the item had to be snuck back in as if she did not look well enough when she first woke up.  I do believe that was the first inkling to her that the tooth fairy was not real.  
So listen, today I am fine, salt rinses trying to avoid the dreaded DRY SOCKET, lighter in the wallet, and enjoying Activia Greek Style yogurt-that I bought on sale, by-the-by.  Gifts everywhere.

Bottom line: how much wisdom did I lose along with the tooth?  I am off to  google that, and here is a little music selection for you, nothing to do with teeth, but trust me, I looked through some horrible tooth and tooth themed videos, and gave up, so instead here, is something else that reflects this Labor Day weekend.
"End of Summer"

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Margaret Hall said...

Ohhhhh, dear Sally!! Ouch~!! I must have lost ALL my wisdom, SFriend, as I have no teeth AT ALL...((((Denture City around here~!)))...Loved this blog post, as when you read your work, it is like sitting at the table just having a cup of coffee and chatting...Loved it a lot~! I hope that I get my "ducks in a row" soon to be able to BLOG and write, and also work on my crafty junque~! Thanks for being you, Sally~!!