Sunday, July 24, 2011


While listening to a very inspiring homily at mass today, the question was put forth: "What would you ask God for", money and cars were mentioned, etc. But of course none of that stuff lasts.
I immediately thought of my answers, but I also know I would forget it in 5 minutes, so I came up with PGS, as in pigs.  PGS would be easy for me to remember because I am a newbie to angry birds on my cell, and am stuck on level 21 of the first set-for three days for goodness sake..  The object is to kill 3 pigs who are barricaded under wood, metal and glass, using kamikaze birds, of different sizes and skill sets.  Do not, I repeat, do not start playing this game.  Last night was one of my now very rare sleepless nights, and there I was, trying to annihilate pigs.
I passionately digress. Mea culpa. Deep breath, move on.
So listen, in my thoughts about asking God for something, I choose PEACE, GRACE and STRENGTH.
Peace for living with all my choices I have made in my life-good and bad, who I am, how I live my life and what I wish for others.
Grace for my much needed skill: to exhibit Grace under fire, as I have written about here before.
Strength, for all the twists and turns that life holds, for the ability to serve others with out it making me look good, and to except every day as a gift-from God.
'Nuff said.
I wish you Peace, Grace and Strength also my SFriends, if that is what you want.

Here is a Peace song for you:

And, this is something not peaceful. an image of an Angry Bird:
Now, wipe that out of your brain, and look at this, very peaceful:

See, Peace is achievable!

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