Friday, July 15, 2011

Flowers in my path

I like to plant perennials. They don't ask for much, every now and then you need to cut them back because they have spread too much, but then you just start some more elsewhere.  They are faithful. And, if you play your cards right, they will not need to be watered. Here are a few flowers in my yard

The first of course, you have seen until today on my header, it is the lupine, you should see how ugly that one is now that it's flowering is finished. Oh baby.

And these we all have seen on the sides of the road in New York State (NYS), they are called Day Lilies, they grow wild here, but these are from what I call my Uncle Jack garden.   He was a much loved uncle of mine, he gave some plants to my Matka, and she gave some to me.  They grow like crazy, and the past few years, two trees are growing right out of the middle of their bed.  They are covered with sometimes 6 feet of snow in the winter because they are right at the end of our driveway, but, they still keep coming back.  This year I added some soil, peat moss and a little mulch for them, a special treat because they have been so good to me. I think of them as our personal anniversary flowers when I drive around and seen them everywhere.  The explanation for that is because when we were driving through NYS on our honeymoon, they had just sprung open and seemed to greet us everywhere we went, like they were happy for us.

These are of course Daisey's, they seem to be so fresh -hey, maybe that's where the saying "Fresh as a Daisey" comes from? My barberry bush in the background needs trimming, but the color contrast looks nice eh?

Here is a view as you walk to my front steps, astilbes, hostas, daiseys, Iris and Lily of the Valley in the spring.

I don't know what these are called, I had the tag buried near  them for so many years, then, we needed to move the plants temporarily, and the tag-all gone.  I thought they had the word grape in them, but??? They spread, grow 12'tall, and the buds are only open in the morning, later in the day, when it gets warm, they close tightly.  If I find the tag, I will let you know.  They really are pretty, and they divide very easily and take well.  Hey, while looking up some spelling in my huge "Miracle Gro Encyclopedia of Plant Care", I think this is a Spiderwort plant.  Their picture looks like my picture.

Pink something, gee I had that in my brain a minute ago.  Is it a Lily too? These are growing in the shade, under our Plum bush that has been trimmed back so many times-it is massive.

These pretty yellow babies were bought just a few short year ago-I like variegated leaves, and they had nice shades of green, then last year, they bloomed, tall yellow flowers, and then this year, they took off like crazy, and I had to cut back easily two thirds of them.  They should really all be moved to an area where they can spread and go crazy.  They were planted next to a plant that has pretty purple  flowers in the late summer-some people call them obedience plants , but my SSister-in-law calls them disobedience plants because they spread like crazy too.  They are all over my yard, and I have this policy with them now, I dig up the extras and PUT someplace, not plant, and see if they take-they always do, poor neglected things, and they sprout back up.

These are sunflowers-tricked you, silk sunflowers.  On our porch, and did you notice that some of SHusbands rocks moved to the porch.  Sometimes when I am walking around and in the house, I need to stop, "IS that a new rock"?  I know they have real names other than rocks, but usually rocks are referred to by me as brown, or green, etc.  One year, we had real sunflowers growing everywhere, because we had a fun squirrel who thought he should take the sunflower seeds that we put out for the birds and relocate them. I am not kidding, they got over 6 feet tall, we had them tied up everywhere, I wanted to see how they would look.  Well, that was a one time experiment, they took all the water from the soil of the other plants in the gardens that they grew in, but it was a fun year when it happened.  Now, I pull up those shoots if I see them.

Yellow Lillies, so striking.  I am really into yellow and green.  Except when I am into purple and pink and blue.
I had some nice Lilacs this year too, I have 4 bushes, two I cut back last year, but the other two came through for me.  I tend to like flowering bushes, so we have forsythia, and two beautiful Weigelas, one dark pink, one light pink, I highly recommended them.
I still have some purple cone flowersfrom my SAunt  that are just getting flowers now, a purple dahlia that I planted this year, not a perennial, but pretty, gladiolas were planted, but because we had so much rain this spring, the hostas that I have so many of, grew very large and fast, so the bulbs that I planted next to them have grown up sideways???  I will  show you if they open.  I had some nice peonies that were originally planted by my SMother-in-law, and transplanted by me, very happy to see those flower this year.  Our Rose of Sharon-purple, is just starting to get buds, so that is something to look forward to.
Just thought I might share these with you SFriends.
And, here is a sunset for you. Peace, Love, Happiness all.


Margaret Hall said...

Ahhhh, SFriend...These are lovely pictures...And, YOU----are the Perennial Prophet~! Cool...You have such an inviting path, and I love that you shared it with us...About the Lupines, I "hear ya'...~!! They just sorta' turn to brown, thank you for sharing part of your home with us...Hugs and Sunshine...

Diana said...

Just lovely!

sally said...

Thanks Ladies, and today, I was putting some birdhouses that I had and some from Matka on a side stairway outside that we no longer use, and I saw that I have a big Clematis-purple. Unfortunately, I let the weeds get big there, so I had to carefully pull them out without breaking off the clematis. Tomorrow I am going to purchase a BIG trellis for it instead of the little wimpy thing I have there now. I am happy because of a flower-easy pickins I think.

sally said...

p.s. welcome back my friend Diana, glad you are able to comment now. And Margaret, I so appreciate your kind words, love your blog!