Friday, July 22, 2011

Bikes and Blooms

There is a small town in Western New York named Clarence.  Some of you might know of it because it is the location where Flight 3407 crashed.  A tragedy in a very tight knit community.
This summer, those who live in this very old, quaint, community of lovely homes-in the exact area where the crash occurred, decided to decorate the front of their homes and businesses with bicycles and live plants.  They are really beautiful and creative.
 Here are a few pictures of that "4 Corners area":

These are actually two stationary bikes in front of a gym!

This is a "twofer", one also on the porch to the left.

This one above looks like a bridal bike, all white..

Tucked into a flower bed.
I must apologize for the blurryness of the photos.  I have been taking most of my pictures with my cell lately, and when I zoom in, they are lousy.  I really need to start bringing my regular camera when I know I will be doing these type of photos. 
Don't give up on me, I will do better, promise.



You are amazing! How do you find all these things? And WHEN?

sally said...

My SCousin told me about these bikes, and if you are in the area Diana, you should check them out, my pictures do not do them justice.

Margaret Hall said...

Hi....Saturday afternoon here, came in from the heat, which is not too bad, and found another interesting posting from you, SFriend~!! I love projects like this one...And, thanks for capturing it even with your cell, they are fun to look at...What an undertaking! I hope you are enjoying fine weather and will look forward to another posting from your "ramblings"...(((Really, you DO NOT ramble, you are a great writer~!!)))