Monday, July 11, 2011

Good Reading

Have you read any novel that has made you a life long admirers of the author? I have a few of those authors that fit into that category for me. Today class, we will discuss Fannie Flagg. Some of you might recognize her name from the TV show Laugh In. She was part of the cazy, talented cast that were the original LOL crew. That show also had Richard Nixon as a guest when his handelers wanted him to appear more likeable.......
Goldie Hawn got her big break on that show, as did Ruth Buzzy(ie?o ).They had a family called the Ferd Ferkels or something like that, and if I was usinog my home computer to post this I would have included a Youtube clip for you SReaders. You are on your own for that, consider it homework.
Back to Ms Flagg, she was fun to watch on Monday nights for all the years that show was on. The correct show title was Rowan and Martin's Laugh In.
Years go by, a novel comes out entitled Fried Green Tomatoes, by Fannie Flagg. I actually did not know it was THE Fannie Flagg. Great story and then, one of my favorite movies. I have read all of her novels. The Christmas themed story was especially well done " Redbird Christmas ". Just before going away on this little "R.and R"trip, I went to. BORDERS for some Anniversary gifts for my SHusband and some extra books for me. I picked up "I still Dream about You "by SFlagg. I am already sucked in to the story. Hope you can read it and go away from your everyday for just a bit.

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