Sunday, July 17, 2011

Meal of a Thousand Ingredients, give or take a few

We are fish lovers, the favorite used to be fish frys, but to keep SSon and us on a healthy path, those dinners are now as rare as  teeth on a hen.
Tonight, I cooked some frozen salmon burgers-sprayed with a CCC (canned chemical concoction) that was butter flavored.
And I made a saute pan chock full of stuff. I started with some olive oil and fake butter heated, and added bok choy stalks/ cut in 1/2 inch slices,  and a rough cut onion-seasoned with dried chives and some generic Italian seasoning, and celery seed since the bok choy reminded me of celery, after some time, when the onyons were shiny, (there used to be a creole chef on TV that pronounced onions that way-I wonder what his name was?) I added 3 plum tomatoes cut up, about 1/2 cup of low salt beef bouillon from a carton in the fridge and some pepper and the cut up bok choy tops, cooked a tad more until all were mixed together, then I added about 1/4 c of Splenda to give it a little sweet taste, and I knew it NEEDED something else, so I opened a jar of cooked sweet red peppers, cut up a few and that was it. It simmered just a few more minutes to meld the flavors (I watch way too many cooking shows-that phrase just jumped onto  the keyboard).
This is what it looked like:

Then, to make a salad, I used fresh spinach-which I just remembered that I did not wash-yikes, I will have to trust that when the bag states washed, they mean it.  I added just a few croutons to make it look like something SS would like, some sunflower seeds and some blueberry flavored Craisens, with just a few splashes of Italian dressing:

The salmon patties cooked up great,

and since I did not make any "starch"  SS could have one slice of bread to pretend it was a sandwich.

We (I) play this game, "what is in the dinner you are eating?", and SHusband was able to identify the onions-he is too funny.  But SS did really well.  I just want him to know that these things that he said tasted good were not burgers and fries. He is really needing to change his entire way of eating so that his Diabetes diagnosis at the age of 40 does not do damage to his body for the next 40 years as his Doc discussed with him this week. This is the time to get his blood sugar down to the normal range (which is not that far away for him now) and he has been so cooperative.  His two month checkup showed all his numbers down, so if he continues his diet and exercise, he should be OK.
I am very proud of him not being upset if he can no longer eat certain foods, and especially when he has ice coffee with milk and Splenda  instead of sugar and fat filled fancy coffee drinks. 
That was our supper tonight, and since my brain is always focused on food, I am already wondering what I will cook tomorrow..............
You need some dessert after reading this supper blog SReader, so here is a salmon inspired video for you:



You never cease to amaze me! You should have your own TV show.
Cooking with the Kutters!

Margaret Hall said...

Ahhhh, SFriend, now I am hungry and feel like making a path to your door...*smile*...Love the veggie parts of that recipe..thanks for sharing...Hope all is well in you neck of the woods~!!Huggles...