Saturday, March 19, 2011

Words to HEAR...

In my local paper today was a story containing these words:
" while you're alive. All you've got is right now-this breath. You get to choose."

It was a story about Marcy Brenner, breast cancer survivor, first diagnosed at age 34. Two different diagnoses, three years apart, family history, divorces after first battle. Now, her story is a film "Dead Girl Walking." The title comes from a song that she wrote about her cancer.

She now is married for the second time, and travels and performs with her husband in a folk and bluegrass Band.

Read the entire article here:

Those words really impacted me, bang-arrow to my heart and mind at the same time.

Now is all we have, and that is enough if you embrace that time. And to prove it, SHusband saw this out of the window this morning, right after I shared this story with him, a very life affirming, harbinger of Spring, a Robin.

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Margaret Hall said...

I think, Sally, that this story that you have shared is always key to our paying attention to our own lives...That is one of the reasons that I call my blog, "Time for a Bucket List" because it is important to me to try and live during this one breath as she stated...Thank you for sharing the article AND that lovely Robin looking for breakfast..(smile)