Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tragedy continues..

When Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf in 2005, the real damage was caused to New Orleans by the levy breaking and the waters flooding in. The circumstances are similar to the present tragedy in Japan. The first event, the earthquake, 8.9 strength, caused massive damage, certainly some lives were lost in the areas where the tremors were the worst, but the real damage and taking of lives happened when the tsunami came through. Watching the videos on Friday and since, it was obvious that all those buildings, boats and cars swept away probably had someone in them. All the crushing debris then did more killing. I can't imagine how it could be worse.
Then....they are now talking about the threat of nuclear leakage, causing radiation exposure to tens of thousands. And this to a country that already had generational damage from the other source of radiation poisoning, the atomic bombs during World War II. How those who are old enough must be in fear of a repeat of those most painful times.
My heart goes out to all of Japan, and the countries who may have been assaulted by the tsunami waves as they rippled across the pacific rim and beyond. And then, if radiation leakage occurs-it will certainly not be contained within the confines of the local area of the nuclear reactors. Remember when the nuclear accident at Chernobyl happened? The cows in Switzerland were eating grass contaminated by nuclear fallout, and then producing contaminated milk, etc, etc.
We are all one world, so a prayer for them is a prayer for us. Not to ward off us getting their problems, but to share in the pain of our fellow travelers on this small planet.

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Margaret Hall said...

Your somber account of the Japanese disaster, Sally, is quite caring...It was incredible what Nature can unleash upon such a tiny country and the losses were tremdous...Keeping them within our thought will surely help in healing...Thank you for a most sincere posting.