Saturday, March 5, 2011

Squirrelly day

Today is a little different kind of day for many reasons, but Boo Boo Marie is all hyper-a squirrel managed to go from being a ground feeder to a Rodent Olympian and high jumped up to the bird feeder. Poor SCat was frantic to burrow through the picture window, but it got her juices running for the day.


Margaret Hall said...

Ahhhh, SCat looks as though she might POUNCE upon the squirrel...The squirrels in my backyard do the same, just defy gravity and soar to the top of the hook of the feeder..Oh, if only SCat could get ahold of squirrel...LOL

sally said...

I wonder what she would do also? She was pawing at the window and her tail was swirling really hard, like a weapon!