Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hidy Ho all..

My name is Camilla, I hail from Britain, not very welcome there, so uprooting, and moving here to a friendly little serfdom for a short time.
I am preening for an upcoming little family event, so I have pulled out all stops-even demanding a diluted taste of that exotic drink coffee, watered a bit, every fortnight to make my blooms ever so loooovely.
Here is the beginning now:

I DEMAND your presence here on a regular basis!
Excuse me, it would be ever so nice to have you attend here frequently.
Wait, Where is my horse, where is Charlie?


DIANA said...

You are too, too good! Camilla is now on the radar!

Margaret Hall said...

Just too, too much,! Love it and the best to Camilla...(smile)