Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Seedastrophe..

Yesterday was a wonderfullybusyday.
SSon was honored at his work site for TWENTY years on the job. I took a zillion pictures and even a video, but have not had time to download them all yet, and will do a longer post when I do have more time. Here is a teaser:
On the way home, I stopped at a large branch of a local grocery store for a birthday card for my brother-which I was in a panic over the night before-and I of course remembered after buying it that I had my month's confused-the end of March was coming, not the end of April. I sometimes am so trying to be organized that I flipped a month. Do you ever do that? Well, now I have his card-tick that off the list. I was also looking for parakeet seed. We have 5 and they are suddenly in an eating frenzy-must be an internal clock-rite of spring response. They ate us out of house and seed, so I was on a mission before we went home. And....that store did not have any seed for parakeets-just 20 lb. bags of outdoor bird seed. So, I bought some more "wet' food for the cat and left. Store #2, large chain drugstore, no parakeet seed, but I did pick up another item for our upcoming Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast/Basket Raffle. Store #3, another branch of a large drug store chain-no seed, just came out with two hands full of frustration.
Store #4, small discount store, they HAD seed, not a brand name, not sure if it was nutrisishy enough, but got two bags for an emergency backup, and these two pillows, the dragonfly and the sunflower-it is still snowing here and was 16 degrees yesterday morning-I need a little spring-right this very minute (can you hear me singing?):

Finally, we took SS for a "ride home" celebratory Tim Horton coffee-if the weather was nice, we would have taken him for ice cream, but he does love his Timmy Ho's coffee, so he was happy.
Went home, a verrry weak SHusband made his way to the couch. But, he was so happy for SSon, he said it was all worth it. I sat in a chair for 15 minutes, ignoring the unmade bed, due to us leaving so quickly that morning, the unwashed breakfast dishes, and just sat thinking of the day.
Next, off to my hair appointment, and while there, all my SStylist's family were talking about the Mega Lottery, worth 350million bucks! I do not usually buy those things, "scratch-offs" yes in memory of Matka, those SS and I buy, but I decided, why not, so I went to my local branch of the first store I went to that afternoon, and bought $10. worth of Megamillions tickets. I hope I don't forget to check them now. I also bought two bags of the bird seed that I was looking for-Hartz Bountiful Parakeet Seed. AAAh. Mission accomplished.
Then, while driving home, it snowed like crazy. Stop. Please. Now. I will give you some seed if you stop.
And when I got home, dishes were washed and SH was making the bed. The person who always worries about me doing too much for him, was doing too much for me.


Margaret Hall said...

Wow, this was a "whirlwind" posting, SSally~!! I find that the busier we are, though, it is a most wonderful shopping spree and fun event to visit~!! Sounds like you have many feathered friends in your life..We feed the finches their thistle, and wild bird seed for the other gang of hoodlums~!! lol...Of course we MUST feed the squirrels and crows too~! *sigh* what to fix for dinner for US!!! Cyber hug..((((hug)))

sally said...

Hoodlums, you are too funny Margaret! If I had to call any animal a hoodlum, I would refer to bunnies that way right now-much damage to our burning bush.
I wish someone was filling our seed cups at times also-too much work to throw something together at times. That is why I enjoy eating out-we always bring a styrofoam home and there you go-another meal.
Hugs back to ((((you)))).