Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Salley Gardens

I am really looking forward to March. A season of green popping through, not just that muddy green when the snow goes away but REAL GREEN, signs of new life, new hope and refreshing of the spirit. In preparation for that, I was looking for an Irish song for you to listen to and I found this:

And the name of it is "Down by the Salley Gardens". Custom made I think.
Enjoy, and thank you for always being there, I look forward to visiting with you each day.

And if you are not in a mood for beautiful music, about about a look at some dancers?


Margaret Hall said...

AWESOME YouTube, Sally....Thanks...I put it on Facebook. Are you on Facebook?...

sally said...

I am on facebook Margarte, listed under Sarah Kutter, I tried to connect to you there, but got lost in translation.............Please see if you can find me.