Sunday, April 25, 2010

Magnolia Madness

Since I was about 17, I have loved Magnolia Trees and Bushes. I saw one in a friend's yard for the first time then. It is such an exotic flower, you wait all year for it, and it is worth the wait.

I have always wanted to have one, and a few years ago, SHusband asked me what I wanted for my Birthday, and this was my choice.
It bloomed from the very first year, with only one disappointing year when all the buds formed, started to open, but then we had a very cold spell one night and all the flowers were killed off before they could open. This year, we have a bumper crop of beautiful shades of pink flowers, with only a few areas of brown damage from the cold (in the 30's) weather we have been having on and off.

Here is a close-up, see how nicely they contrast with the piece of marble we have on own front lawn?

She anything in this view?

SGrandson was riding his bike here while visiting this weekend, and I timed the picture so that he was going past.

Sneaky me.

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