Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Time, is not on my side

My new header picture is a "Vertical Declining Sundial" on the wall of the Verrazzano Winery in Tuscany, Italy. It will tell time forever, even when we can't keep track of this elusive commodity ourselves.
This month is flying by, many good things are happening, so it is a great month.

SGrandson made his first Communion last week, he was so very excited to have it finally happen, and we were so happy to share the day with him. SDaughter and her SSig other organized a very nice party, we all had a nice time visiting family members from all sides that we had not seen for some time-when a marriage ends, you still care about those that you have spent so many years with. So seeing her SFather's family again was a nice time, and them seeing my sibs was fun for them too.
This is SSon checking out the goodies, we had a deal-if he dressed up for the ceremony, he could change for the party, so this is him chilling!

This is a four generation picture-SGS had just popped in a piece of candy in his mouth-so hence the puckering.

Then Mother's Day, 11 of us went to brunch together, and it was a pleasant time with SMom able to attend. Beautiful flowers from SD/SSO, SSon, SHusband-who could ask for more? Well, maybe if it had not snowed that morning-but then I am being too whinny!

Tomorrow, we will attend SGS's Spring Concert-he will be playing violin in the band and singing in the chorus. We are trying to figure out how to get SH there, he so wants to see his buddy's concert. The steps are our enemy, but I would like to see what we can do for this quick evening event.

In two days, it is SGS's 11th birhtday-how odd that eleven years can just seem to be gone in a blink. I just so loved the time we had with him before he started school, then every other weekend, now just one weekend a month. But kids belong with their parents, and now that it is working out for SD's schedule, we were glad we could help when needed.

Then in three days-SDAUGHTER IS GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE! I am not too excited and proud am I! And she is not just graduating, she whoomped it with a 3.7 average! Working full time, raising a child, and getting great grades?? Who does that? My SD, that's who.
Here she is at the Installation Banquet for the Honor Society for teachers which she was invited to join.

We will be having a small dinner for her at a local restaurant, and am so happy to be there to congratulate her. I always thought I was a good student, but I must be honest and say that I don't know that I could have accomplished what she did. We have not been able to work out a way to get SH into the grad ceremony-it is a long program, and he will need to save his strength for the evening.
We will be starting a small project next week-a contractor will be removing a wall between two rooms to make it easier for SH to get in with his walker, so my house is soo trashed! All furniture from the small room is removed, and all but one dresser and bed are out of the other room-and stashed in the house. New ceilings, walls and floors, will all be replaced after 106 years, so I am thinking we will be covering everything we own to prevent dust/dirt damage. This project will take 2-3 weeks, so hopefuly we will be able to get through without too much stress. SS has been incredible helping to move things, we have taken stuff up and down steps and we now have a motto worked out-let's get it done and off the list!
In the next few weeks, the birthdays continue, so "Laissiz les bons temps rouler"

as they say in New Orleans-"Let the good times roll!"

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