Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter all.

This is our front lawn-after the big wind storm last night-but only about 30 or so flew away-considering we have about 500 there. We put eggs out on Good Friday or one day sooner for kids on the school buses to see on their last day of school. And we take down in the week following Easter. I buy more after Easter for big discounts.

This year, the egg hunt that SGS does here in the house will be when they stop over during the week. We hide the number of eggs that he has years this year-meaning even though we are a month before his birthday, he gets that bonus egg to find. We put in small candy or small fun things and now, mostly money-he loves money. The first year I did the eggs outside, he was about 5, and I did not tell him so he could be surprised when he saw it, but he got really upset-he thought he had to find HIS eggs in the mix! As he gets older, the currency changes too, no more shiny pennies for him. One year, we put all the eggs out, it snowed, no eggs visible, so I went and bought a few packs more, and threw them on top of the snow. Sometimes, the squirrels take the eggs away, and hoard in a group, and try to cover them up. How sad, here they think they have scored the food supply of a lifetime, and whoops-just plastic.

We had a Wonderful Brunch with family-we went to SSon's Dad and SStepMom's along with SGrandson, SDaughter and her SSigother. A nice group, she made some really beautiful quiches, even one with asparagus.

SD and SSM had ice cream and birthday cake for SHusband-tomorrow is his official birthday. He was actually born on Easter, and his birthday will be on Easter again in 2015. SH explained how Easter date is chosen: It is the FIRST Sunday after the FIRST full moon after Vernal Equinox. If you look it up on the 'net, there is a mention of ecclesiastical and astronomical full moons changing the formula for areas near the international date line, but for you and me, this probably is not a factor.

I have been fighting with bronchitis which of course messed up my asthma for the past two weeks, so my usual Easter baking was not done, first year without making Platzek-a buttermilk coffee cake. It has become "My thing" to make and give away about 20 each year, so I really missed that. I bought the ingredients, so I will hopefully be making some in the next week as I feel better.
Hope your Easter was Blessed.

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