Friday, April 2, 2010

Big Bird Extrodinaire

The header for this month is a bird, it is Spring after all. This bird is really huge, made of brass, larger than the average bear. It is near a thruway/expressway on the outskirts of Florence. I don't know why this big bird was made, but it is cute right?

All of Italy is an expressway! The traffic in Florence, as in all of Italy is brutal, as we were leaving Florence, we even had a motorcycle accident happen right in front of us. We were all concerned, but were told that the driver was OK.

The motorcycle, scooters and bikes all squeeze between the cars when the cars stop at lights, filling up all the spaces, then when the light changes, the 2-wheelers squeal off, ahead of the pack of cars.

They use their 2-wheelers in Italy a lot more efficiently then we do in America. We once saw a person holding a child in front of them-no helmets for either. Did I say more efficiently, or should I have said more dangerously? The mirror of the bus obscures her head, but notice the shoes? The women always dressed nicely in Italy!

The quick drivers get from A to B, sometimes even zooming around D and E if needed. I can not imagine driving a car there, we were even challenged to walk across the street!

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