Sunday, April 18, 2010

I am surprised!

You know, I am surprised. When I started this blog I really thought that I would be sharing all those things that float around up there in me, but lately I am unable to let the head and heart connect to the keyboard.
I have some pretty great things going on right now because my SDaughter will be graduating from college in less than 4 weeks, my SGrandson will be making his First Holy Communion in 2 weeks, my SSon is lovin' the hometown hockey team in the playoffs, my SHusband has good health. But. The thing that is causing me the most stress is so overwhelming and hurtful that it has just taken over. Tomorrow I am buying a new outfit for the graduation, and since when I am stressed I eat, the outfit will be a bigger size than 3 months ago. So, I let the stress cause more damage. How much power can this one thing have? Apparently a lot, 61 years worth.

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