Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Today at SGrandson's church service, they had a little black visitor-a sheep/lamb. When do lambs become sheep? Even SHusband did not know the answer to that. That is SGS in lower right corner-wearing his grampa's shirt, and sporting his newest haircut-last week he got an "almost" haircut, barely above his eyes, looked pretty nasty, but since he loves bribes, his Mom and I banded together to make it worth his while for a "decent" haircut.
Anyway, this was a sermon about The Shepherd and The Sheep, one in the same. His SPastor is someone whom I really admire, she has a big gift for her ministry and shares it freely. She was there the night SGS was born, and has been there for him every step of the way. He makes his First Holy Communion next Sunday, and the reason I was at his church today was because today he had a "Milestone" in his religious life-he was one of 2 other boys his age who led the congregation in the "Apostles Creed" prayer. SDaughter asked me to attend with her, so I did. She is a bit strung out right now, end of college, son making his First Communion, is she ever going to get a teaching job now that the state budget is cutting a large portion of aid to schools and major layoffs in all districts are planned, student loans need to be paid back starting in six months. I think I would be strung out also.
I am glad I was there this week because the readings this week were about Jesus being both the sheep and the Shepherd, and this live lamb was a great visual to make an impression for the children's liturgy.
The kids attending seemed to be really interested, and since the pastor asked questions throughout, it kept them really into the message.
I told her afterwards that I thought that she was brave, and that I knew the kids would always remember the sheep in church. I know I will.
"My sheep hear my voice"

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