Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Those wonderful words...

I have been reading to my Sgrandson since he was a newborn. Here he is cutting up with his Sgrampa at 15 months.

I so hoped that he would enjoy reading. This morning, I was with him before school, and he suddenly said, wait, I want to read this book to you! Let me repeat-he WANTED to read to me.

I have always read to him, as the years went on, I would point out words that he knew for him to read, and then he would need to read the first or last sentence of the page, then he would need to take over on the page when I stopped reading-this was to trick him into reading along, then we would switch pages.

One year, I found the entire set of "Dick and Jane" books,
just like I used when I was learning to read-I must confess that the little sister named Sally was a big draw card for me!

I bought this set of reissued books, and that summer, we had the rare experience of going back in time to a more simple life for families and children.

Just 10 days ago we finished reading "4th Grade Nothing" together, and he said he wanted to read the other books in the series. Amazon had a good price, so they will be waiting for him here at his next sleepover.

But today, him reading to me-has me smiling all day. I actually had a fast-forward moment-I wonder if he will be reading to me out of necessity some day?

Now, about the book, it was a Pokemon story, written and illustrated by a Japanese author (I think). This is a picture of one similar to that book.

And get this, the book read from back to front. Talk about confusing an old lady! I was watching him turn the pages and gently mentioned that he was going the wrong way, but no Grandma, this is the way this book is written. Well, did you ever? No matter, he was reading by himself and loving every page. My job here is done.

So listen, please go read a book, a magazine, a bible, an online story site, a cereal box, anything, just read, and imagine a world in your head that you could never go to without reading.

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