Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas is

This is Fr. Tom Maloney from St. Amelia's Parish in Tonawanda NY. His church does a lot of outreach services, and I hope he is outreaching this message to all of us.


Jessica said...

Hi Sally,

I noticed you have my old blog on your blogroll. Please feel free to update it to my new one:

I no longer post to Asteria Hanover.

Thanks! - Jessica

sally said...

Thanks Jessica, did I ever tell you that we are almost neighbors in WNY? I read your post about some plants you saw at a nursery, and printed pictures so I could pick some up at my local nursery-Berners on Clinton St in Elma, and then I read the rest of your post and it mentioned Earsings-a place I was at many times, and I went directly there that day! I think the plant was Moses in cradle? I also painted a table this summer that looks very similar to the table you are working on for a friend. Love your pictures of your seasonal decorations.