Friday, December 18, 2009

New stuff

I purchased a new WARM hat for SSon. Doesn't he look warm? And that is his holiday shirt for this year. Sunday is a homegame for the Buffalo Bills, supposed to be CCCCold. SS has other warm hats, all that he refuses to wear, but I am hoping that this one will change his mind. He usually wears a baseball style hat, sometimes with a hood covering it, but Moms like warm stuff on the heads, no matter the age! He will also be wearing a Santa hat-the guy's got spirit.

Here is SHusband with his new present. He loves Penguins, and this one just had the right smile.

And for me, I am going to Wal-Mart to buy new long underwear! I know, some people just have a certain style eh? So listen, I was putting some gas in the car the other day, and I ended up with wind burns on my legs-really, I am not kidding. I had what I thought were warm pants on, but yikes, the wind just really blew right through like they were made of fishnet! (See post on Peter, Paul and Mary to read about my fishnet stockings experience) .
That was the cold, windy day when we went from one doc appt to another, and I needed to have something hot, quick to drink-I have this bad habit of coughing up a lung in cold weather, and hot liquids help to stop it or lessen it usually. When I am home, hot water does the trick. But I have a low-end car, no running water of any kind. We were on Main Street in Clarence NY, and there is a drive-thru coffee place called "Good*Rich Coffee & Tea", it is on the corner of Main street, and wait-you will love this, Goodrich Rd. And when you pick up your coffee, they say "Have a Good*Rich Day". Very savvy marketing if you ask me. So, about the hot liquid, it turns out they were having a special on Peppermint Mocha. Gee, that seemed like it would be hot, and for the sake of my cough, I would have to just buy one. I did, looooved it! I forced SH to taste it because the smell was so wonderful-I know that is a mix of two senses, but it made sense to me. He did, looooved it. He is not a coffee drinker, but my little skinny guy is a sweet lover. We shared the cup. And they also had scones. Are you familiar with scones? They are usually triangular shaped, dense, can have things like raisins, dried fruit in them, and most are dry as a rock. The two we bought from Goodrich were moist, raspberry-flavorful and short-lived.

SS had a Christmas party at a friend's home not far from Goodrich Coffee last night, so as requested, I swung by to pick up 6 scones for my guy. And I bought a Peppermint Mocha for SS, and oh, what the heck, one for the driver. Don't I sound like a martyr? Yeah sure, a martyr with a Peppermint Mocha mustache!

The man at the window recognized me last night from a few days ago, and I mentioned that even though we live no where near there, we found ourselves here twice in a few days. He asked where we were from, and it turns out he grew up in the same town!!!!! A small caffeine driven world eh? They do breakfast foods, lunches, desserts and catering.

Their place has a nice story, I was given the menu which has the story in it. Their father started up this business to insure that his kids would stay in the area in the future. He has another business that 2 of his other sons work in, so between the two, he has what he calls "an insurance policy designed to keep a man's children from leaving WNY". The place has leather comfy looking seats, and free WI-FI, so maybe you can give this New place-to us, a try if you are in the area/9450 Main St. Clarence NY 14031.

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