Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No One Should Have A Dog

No one should ever have a dog because:

-They are very expensive to take care of properly

-Sometimes they smell

-Sometimes they leak

- Sometimes they work themselves into your hearts that takes up a space much bigger than they are. And when they are sick, you do whatever you can to make them better, and when they don't get better, you hold them and hope your strength can go into them and they can turn to you and say that they will be OK, they are just having a bad few days, and then the vet tells you that you can feed her whatever she will eat, when all along he has told you that because her kidneys are failing you can only give her this special food, and then she is unable to do stairs, then she can not stand to go pishaw, so you hold her little hips up, and then she stops eating, and then she stops drinking, and then she stops doing anything but looking at you with those big dark eyes, and then the vet says we can just give her comfort and support, and then she stops. And she is no longer there, and the only dog you ever owned is gone, and your heart is broken, and then you start. Start to cry, start to wonder how you will tell your SS who trusts you to make everything better, start to tell SD so she can tell SGS, your SH tells your SM, and she has known the pain of losing a dog, so she starts.... You go home without your dog, your sweet dog who was a stray and asked nothing from you but a belly rub. Your sweet dog who came bounce-walking to you when you got home, her little short tail wagging. Your little sweet dog who was afraid of lightening, and shook and moved deeper into your heart when she put her chin next to yours and hugged you for comfort, until this year, and how could this be, she was always afraid, but then you realized that she became deaf, no longer to hear you when you called or came home, and all her deer chasing at your SB#2's house where she showed up one day, and he could not stop feeding her and providing for her and even got surprised by her when she had a puppy one day, this tiny dog had a tiny dog, and now she could not walk, and she did not want to eat Cheese, and that is how she got her name because that is all SB#2 had to give her at first, but he started cooking chicken just for her, and her little legs just could not run after anything anymore, and we would watch her sleep, just as she watched SGS sleep, she would walk into his room at bedtime, we swooped her up because her little sweet legs were just not long enough, and she cuddled up next to her charge, and stayed there until he fell asleep, and then she jumped from the tall bed knowing that her job was done, and one day when a big dog next door, who was barking at SGS did it in a way that his nanny and protector did not approve of, she went over to this big dog who was chained up and bit him and he took a little nip of her ear, but she stood her ground telling him in no uncertain terms to not threaten her boy again, and now SGS would carry her up and down stairs, and now there is nothing to do, and her doggie friend came over after she was gone and he walked to every place she used to be and he sniffed and whimpered and your heart broke again for him, and the house is so diluted without her, our tears have permeated all the rooms, and the air is watery to look through because you just noticed that you are still crying. No one should ever have a dog, a dog has you.

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