Thursday, December 10, 2009

And the weather outside is...........

FRIGHTFUL, and the wind ain't so delightful, and no matter where you might go, see the snow, see the snow, see the snow. I hope you were singing along with me.

Please disregard my whining about snow in a prior post-this is the real thing (snow and whining).

So far, one doc appointment today cancelled, one doc appointment tomorrow cancelled, work for SS cancelled today and tomorrow, get together tonight cancelled, trip to post office today to mail SS#2 gift cancelled, SS's work Christmas Party-yep the one he looks forward to all year, sound system, food, dancing, you guessed it, not part of the plan anymore. And as a big disappointment, the wheelchair elevator which we had installed the first week in October, still is not enclosed to protect it from the weather (SH calls it a shroud), so of course it is frozen, unusable. We were told the beginning of November that the metal frame should be finished in 2 weeks.................
I really don't think our contractor believed me when I said we get really bad winter weather on this corner, near him a lift is not enclosed and seems to work fine he contended. That is there, this is here.

This is a Doppler image-we live just above the "E" in S. Wales, where the yellow blob is about to hit-yellow is a special color, not only massive amounts of snow per hour, but also winter lightening storm as well.

On the up side, all my gifts are wrapped, cards done, used up the rest of the chili tonight-no complaints from the diners about eating something nice and warm. And the snow thrower started for SS, he said YES!

But, family members are driving in this, and the local expressways and thruways are being referred to as "parking lots" right now. Please be careful, keep your gas tanks full, phones charged, extra glove/hats and a wee little shovel in your car in case you need to shovel out your tires-been there, done that. God speed.

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