Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oink me Not!

So listen, I told you all that my SGS had swine flu (I know it is officially H1N1, but a nasty thing deserves a nasty name-no scientific moniker for this guy!), so he took tamiflu, got better, now my SM has it, she also has tamiflu, but it will be a time before she bounces back like he did. At least she is getting better, gratefully. My SS and her husband also have the flu, as does their SG. Don't know if it is oinker or not, but I bet it is.

So far, SH and SS and I do not have any symptoms-but I wish I would have bought stock in hand sanitizer and clorax wipes. Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda.

Please take care, cover your mouth, keep your hands off your face and wash 'dem hands.

And FYI, the pictures on the header of my page were taken on my trip of a lifetime with SS to Italy in 2006. I will try to remember to change them monthly. This is at the entrance to the Vatican Museum. Because we were part of a tour, we got to wait at the "special" entrance with reservations at 8am. By that time the poor slugs that were not part of a tour were in line around the block (and their blocks are very loooooong), just hoping to be admitted. Remember that if you go to Italy, be part of a tour, your guide steers you around to all the must-see places, you ride in beautiful new bus, are provided everything and if you are lucky, your guide is a real charmer likes ours. Here he is. He told us he still lives with Mama. Why not? He gets his favorite food, his clothes beautifully ironed, and I am sure his cute cheeks kissed every day. We all should be so lucky as to be loved like an Italian son.

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