Friday, November 13, 2009

The best part of my day today

So, the day had a lot of challenges,
but then, just after 5pm, SD brought over SGS. He just got out of school-he attended his first meeting of the CARD CLUB, and he was talking a mile a minute. This is a club for 5th and 6th graders to show and trade sports cards. Isn't that a neat idea? The gym teacher (I guess the correct title is Phys Ed Instructor) ran the club, and needed to approve the trades so no one was horn swaggeld to trade a Babe Ruth for a Joe Blow. He showed me all his new cards, and now he has decided to save Football cards and Buffalo Sabres cards. He also has a large Pokeman collection, I guess this is the next stage.

He had supper, then his shower was on the schedule, but, he spied the toy catalogs and flyers that I saved for him. OH MY GOODNESS, he could hardly talk, he needed to pour over them to see if everything he wanted was listed, they were and then some.

I used to have him circle the ones he was interested in, but this year he made a discreet little check mark in the little box next to the toy. That seemed like such a milestone, small measured check mark, instead of a circle made with wild abandon.

Finally the shower happened, more catalog time, a little playing with his Bakugons, and then we did his homework to get it done for the weekend. I am so grateful that I understood it this time. I did ok in school, but sometimes his homework is a tad of a challenge for me. They use a different method of adding, and the poor kid, I have him do it one way sometimes because that is the only way I know, and if he doesn't bring his book home for me to refer to, he is out of luck. Tonight it was just figuring out perimeters. I know this! We did it in record time, with me just overseeing. I gave him a few pointers for adding in his head, and he used that advice for the last two problems.
Then, as a reward, we got to play Bakugans together. I think he was a little loose with the instructions about the game, he looked carefully at the cards we would be using before-hand, then he would pick his and my playing pieces accordingly. He let me win a few times too! What a guy.

Now he is watching the Buffalo Sabres with Grandpa-tied in the third period. Do they still say that a tie final score is like kissing your sister? It's a kiss, but it does not count because it is your sister.

Tomorrow he has a school fundraiser breakfast. Six grandparents are attending along with SD and SS and SGS's Dad. Should be nice.

SD was chosen for an honor at school this week, a scholarship dinner for those going on for their masters degree. I am so proud of her, and to think she is doing it with all of her other responsibilities. She always seemed to love the challenge of tossing many balls in the air at the same time, and now she is very good at it. Sometimes when I read her school papers, especially her creative writing courses, she just amazes me, where does she get the ideas from? How does she pull and push the ideas to have them turn inside out while you are reading, and poof an entire new idea is created. I thought I would be good in college, but I choose another form of education, now I am uncertain how I would have done. Life brings you to where you are for a reason.

Maybe tomorrow, I will have so many great parts to my day that any crude that challenges the positive stream of things will fall by the wayside. I wish you a day that you can look back on as one that was really well lived .

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