Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grey Matter

Grey Matter-wouldn't that be a great name for a website-blog? It could mean so many things, like grey matter as in the brain and it's offerings, or that those who have grey hair matter-they are relevant, or what a person who is grey has to say. Too late for me, but dear reader-it is yours for free, nada, zilch cost if you want to start your own site, use that title and share your thoughts and what makes you unique. Let me know-go for it.

So listen, here is the reason this phrase came to my grey matter-I was listening to two males talking recently-they were of the grey persuasion-just like me. What they said really struck me -because of the topic and them. They looked like two old friends out for breakfast, maybe after early hunting or before working on a car together-you know, one of those things that guys do together that are dressed in jeans and flannels. But they were talking about computers! Rams, backup, usb ports, all that good stuff that now make up the vocabulary of anyone owning a computer.

It was so interesting to me to think how things change, these same men grew up in a computer-free zone like me, maybe owned a crystal set radio that they would clip to their bedroom radiator for better reception just like my SB#1 did
(and honestly my SB#2 and I did when SB#1 was not around),

or they spent many hours looking and trading sports cards (gotit, needit, wantit).

Good for them-keeping up with what is available, and making it their own, not just for the generation that lives and breathes everything tech.

So whatever age you are, make GREY MATTER.
It is your gift and what you do with your grey matters.

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