Thursday, November 5, 2009

We've only just begun!

This morning we had the first snow here-large, huge, phony-looking flakes. They only landed for about two minutes, then quickly melted-so if you wanted to tell someone, you couldn't finish describing them, and poof- they were already gone.

But just now, we got some very loud-this will get your attention you sitting inside snug as a bug non-believers: HAIL. OK, OK, enough already. I believe.

So listen, last night we were watching our wonderful Yankees win the World Series, and today it is Winter.

I need more of a transition than that, some very cold days, a few light sprinkles, seeing your breath outside, a few neighbors cranking up the wood burners. After a few of those things, I wouldn't mind waking up to the absence of outside sound-you know how it is when the roads have snow on them before the plows go through and all traffic just goes by like it was wearing soft slippers, not wanting to wake anyone?

I love the way Winter looks, I just don't like how it feels: heavy to shovel, fighting with the tires for domination of the road at the end of your gas and brake pedals, bone-chilling (isn't that a great way of thinking about the power of cold?), and let's not forget those frozen, wet clothes dripping on your hardwood floors, making a cold, wet, dirty, gritty-salt encrusted puddle.

Then again-what do we always say about snow in Western New York " At least you can shovel it, not like all those hurricanes in Florida, or mudslides and forest fires in California".

Grass in not always greener-especially when it is covered with snow.

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